In which material are the products made of?

All our lines are laser cut from 1.5mm thick steel and then painted with black epoxy. The gold lines are gilded with 24-carat gold.

Are your products made in France?

Yes, of course!

All our products are made in France. From the raw materials to the different workshops that manufacture our products, everything is made in France. Only a part of our packaging comes from Spain. 

We pay attention to the creation of our products, but also to the people who make them. We work with a SCOP (cooperative company) to cut out part of the metal lines. The assembly is done by two ESATs (work-based learning centers dedicated to people with disabilities) in Paris region. We manufacture in France and try to help those who need it.

Discover all this in this video!

How to fix my line on the wall?

Our lines are fixed to the wall with three nails (for the 50cm line) or five nails (for the 125cm line), which are included in our boxes.

Our nails fit on all walls except concrete and brick walls. However, if you have a concrete wall, you can glue your line with double-sided tape or dedicated glue (our products are very light). 

Quick tip: to make sure you nail straight, position the line and nail the middle hole first and then the side holes. This will allow you to better gauge while nailing the line. It's very simple and can be done in an instant!

Are adhesives available for the City collection?

We do not provide adhesives for the lines of our City collection (only for Music and Summit lines). We prefer to leave it up to our customers to guess the name of the monuments. Give it a try, it's quite a fun game! Nevertheless, the names of the monuments are present on the packaging if you need the solution ;)

Are the names on the box included in the product?

For the Summit collection, wall stickers with the names of the mountain tops are included in each box.

For the Music collection, a wall sticker with the name of the song and its composer is included in each box.

For the City range, we do not provide stickers. We prefer to leave it up to our customers to guess the names of the monuments. Writing "Eiffel Tower" next to the Eiffel Tower is a bit redundant isn't it?