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The Line is a young French brand. Since 2015, The Line has been transcribing city silhouettes into a line, making a name for itself as an alternative to random souvenir items. It’s an elegant way of capturing the places we love. These places say a lot about us. Who we are. Who we know. Where we’ve been. They become part of us and stay with us for life. The same goes for music; it is a great way of expressing emotion.

Music has a universal resonance that goes beyond borders and cultures. Some pieces have marked history, carried a message united people and moved crowds. The Line now translates music into a line, using its sound frequency to display strong notes, silences and rhythm changes in the wink of an eye. This line offers a new approach to understanding music, by watching it, and touching it.

Each piece has been approved by the publishers, the musicians or their heirs. Our products are designed and manufactured in France, with lots of love.


The Line starts with a picture of Marseille, taken a morning of 2015. It’s early, the sun is rising behind the hill of Notre Dame de la Garde and draws its shadowy silhouette. The essence of the city is just there, in one single line.

Antoine decides to create an object out of it, which is soon to be very successful in Marseilles and he develops the idea. Now The Line proposes a large range of more than forty cities around the world, and has become a true reference for souvenirs.

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