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Size matters.
So do details.

The Line Mini is a whole new approach to souvenirs. We have created a new product to meet the needs of city lovers.

Two and a half times smaller than our standard 50 cm format, so it won’t take up too much space on your travels.

It fits anywhere: on a train or a plane, even in your shirt pocket.

We have come up with new features that will enable you to conveniently collect and display The Line anywhere. So, you can stick it to any surface using the stickers.

You can attach it to a fridge or any other metallic surface with the two super-strong mini magnets. Finally, you can stand it up anywhere using our cardboard support, which also showcases the line.

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The world is changing.
So are souvenirs
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The souvenir of the future.

The Line Mini is a new product that we have designed to enable you to conveniently collect and display The Line anywhere.  You can stick it, attach it with magnets or stand it up. Anywhere.

The Line Mini has been designed to take up as little space as possible. The packaging is 25 times less bulky than the standard 50 cm format. It does not contain any plastic and is made from materials that are recycled and recyclable.

The Line Mini is assembled in France by a social enterprise which provides employment for women in need.

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Mini format, maxi value.

Wherever you go, take a little piece of your trip with you, and make your memories last.

The Line Mini fits anywhere and will easily journey with you to your destination.

The Line Mini is a new way of talking about cities, as well as a stylish and discreet way of remembering your own story. Whether it's the city where you were born, where you grew up, or where you dream of living one day, everyone can find a little piece of themselves in The Line.

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Stick it. Anywhere.

No need for screws. Now you can fix The Line Mini wherever you like.

Whether your wall is brick, plaster, or concrete, or you have a glass partition, you can stick (or unstick) the Line Mini to it using two stickers which are 3mm in diameter.

Simply position them on the back of the line and press for 30 seconds in the spot where you want to display your souvenir.

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mini magnets.

With The Line Mini, you can now attach your souvenir to any metallic surface using two super-strong mini magnets.

Simply place them on the back of the line and position it on the desired surface. 

Whether it's a refrigerator, a metal shelf, or any other metallic surface, you can display your attraction to cities with ease. And in style.

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Stand it up. Wherever you like.

We have created a stand which supports the product and showcases it at the same time. Stand The Line Mini up wherever you like and collect your favourite cities.

The embossing on the front and the magnets on the back hold the line perfectly.  We have created a tie which keeps the support in place, like a frame.

We have also added a few key figures about the city, along with the GPS co-ordinates of the location from which we drew the line. Be sure to take a trip to admire the view.

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The Line Mini