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Designing Memories

The Line was founded in 2015. We draw memories in one single stroke.

We are based in Marseille and we have resellers in France and all around the world.

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We turn memories into a line

Our story begins in Marseille, early in the morning, with a photo taken from a sailboat behind Frioul islands. The sun rises, and the backlight reveals a panorama that is both raw and sublime. The whole town is recognizable from L'Estaque to Pointe Rouge: Notre-Dame de la Garde, the Trouée de Vauban and the Malmousque district. Better than framing it, Antoine, founder of The Line and cabinetmaker from Marseille, decides to convert this relief into a laser-cut metallic line. This technique and this material make it possible to precisely detail topography and monuments and to conciliate weight and finesse within a single product. The essence of The Line is born: designing memories to be displayed on the walls.

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The Line begins its adventure in concept stores and local decoration shops in Marseille. The brand quickly grows by designing new cities - including Paris, New York and London. Today, the City collection has many references. The Line also expands its distribution network by partnering with retailers of choice, such as Bon Marché in Paris, the MoMA store in New York or the Conran Shop in London. The Line is currently sold through a selective network of 500 points of sale all around the world. Our products are also available on our e-shop.

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One stroke, millions of possibilities

The stroke

One stroke, millions of possibilities. We believe that capturing the gist is key to transmit emotions and that simplicity should be an endless quest. We are convinced that feelings are better conveyed when the vector is pure. We think that a lot can be said with just one stroke.

We create simple objects providing emotions

Three collections

We create simple objects providing emotions. Our products reveal panoramas of cities, legendary mountain tops or mythical music tracks in one line. Our obsession is to create unique, simple, accessible and qualitative products. Each of our collections is designed to be innovative. 

  • City

    The City collection represents cities from a real point of view, respecting the proportions and dimensions of buildings. Each point of view is specified on a map, at the top right corner within our boxes.

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  • Music

    The Music collection represents soundwaves of music tracks, in one line. We have created an algorithm able to transform a sound into a 50 cm line.

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  • Summit

    The Summit collection transcribes the topography of legendary mountain tops in one stroke. A sticker is included to name all the summits on the line with their heights.

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We design beautiful, sustainable and pleasing products.

Beauty, sustainability, pleasure

Three words for one commitment. Our obsession is to design beautiful, sustainable and pleasing products.


We are convinced that a beautiful product must be simple and free of any superfluous elements. This is what we try to do by imagining products whose shape is reduced to its strict minimum, with a unity of material and colour.


As a brand, we have a dual responsibility towards the planet and society. All our products are made in France, sustainable and made from recycled and recyclable materials. We have chosen steel for its durability and its ability not to deteriorate over time. Our packaging is made from FSC-certified recycled cardboard and is assembled without glue, which allows an efficient recycling. To meet our social responsibility, we have decided to work with professional reintegration companies and cooperatives. Guaranteeing a sustainable approach also means thinking about the people manufacturing our products.  

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Our products have different uses. They can be decorative items, travel memories or an adventure symbol. They will never have the same meaning: each one of us will project his own experience, history, dreams and passions. Our products tell a lot about you, this is why they are so special. Whatever you decide to do with your Line, you will please yourself buying it or you will please a loved one offering it.

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