Mont Ventoux
Mont Ventoux
situational setting of the Mont Ventoux skyline
Presentation of the skyline of Mont Ventoux
Different dimension of the Mont Ventoux wall decoration

Mont Ventoux

Skyline of Mont Ventoux : steel wall decoration.

We have represented the skyline of the South side of the Mont Ventoux from Avignon.

You can see, among others, the Grand Montmirail, the pic du Comte and the tête de la Grave.

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  • 1.5 mm thick steel line
  • To be wall fixed with 3 nails
  • Inside and outside
  • Super easy
  • Start by nailing the middle of the line, then simply adjust the level
  • Not suitable for brick or concrete walls

About Mont Ventoux

Nicknamed the Giant of Provence or the Bald Mountain, Mont Ventoux is the highest point in the Vaucluse Mountains and the tallest peak in the department of Vaucluse, in the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. Standing 1,910 metres tall, it is almost 25 kilometres long and 15 kilometres wide. Eleven municipalities share the mountain range. The first real mountaineer was Amélie de Sade, the marquise of Montbrun, who made several expeditions to the summit of Ventoux between 1783 and 1788. A 195-kW television transmitter was built at its summit in the 1960s. It has broadcast digital terrestrial television since 31 March 2007. The radome installed in 1995 by the Directorate General for Civil Aviation protects a radar which provides airspace security, along with nineteen other stations. Nowadays, the phrase “I’ve been to the observatory” is slang for having reached the summit of Mont Ventoux. On 14 October 1962, Julien Bouteille, a 70-year-old retired teacher, ascended the southern side of Mont Ventoux, reaching the top in 1 hour, 54 minutes and 35 seconds, on a bicycle without a saddle.


Through a single stroke, The Line represents panoramas of cities, legendary mountain tops, or even mythical music tracks visually represented by their soundwaves.
Lines are laser cut from metal sheets, with an extreme accuracy. This step is carried out in France by several partners, including a cooperative company.
Boxes and silkscreen
Despite significant production volumes, The Line keeps an artisanal manufacturing approach for its packaging, and uses a silkscreen process to guarantee an original and qualitative result.
Final packing of products is then carried out within ESATs (work-based learning centers dedicated to people with disabilities).

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