Paris skyline cliche
Paris wall decoration packaging
situational setting of the Paris skyline
Presentation of the skyline of Paris
Different dimension of the Paris wall decoration


Skyline of Paris : steel wall decoration.

We have depicted the Parisian skyline as seen from the heights of the 18th arrondissement.

You can see the district of La Défense, the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur and the unmistakable Eiffel Tower!

All our products are made in France

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Delivery in France in 2-5 working days.

Shipping costs offered in relay points in France.


  • 1.5 mm thick steel line
  • To be wall fixed with 3 nails
  • Inside and outside
  • Super easy
  • Start by nailing the middle of the line, then simply adjust the level
  • Not suitable for brick or concrete walls

About Paris

“Add two letters to Paris, and it’s Paradise”, wrote Jules Renard…and in the words of Hemingway, Paris is indeed a movable feast! It may share its name with some 38 towns and cities throughout the world, but Paris, the City of Light, the capital not only of France but also the arts, culture, romance and fashion, is well and truly unique! Split in two by the Seine, Paris has its Left Bank and its Right Bank. The river is straddled by 37 bridges, the oldest of which is ironically named Pont Neuf (New Bridge). Rumbling beneath its streets is the metro, which was opened in 1900 for the Universal Exhibition and covers a network of 220 km, serving 302 stations. Its 1,903 sights include the most famous, the Eiffel Tower! Since 2015, it has hosted “La Verticale”, the most unusual stair race in the world. The record for the event currently stands at 665 steps climbed in 7 minutes and 53 seconds.


Through a single stroke, The Line represents panoramas of cities, legendary mountain tops, or even mythical music tracks visually represented by their soundwaves.
Lines are laser cut from metal sheets, with an extreme accuracy. This step is carried out in France by several partners, including a cooperative company.
Lines are gilded with 24-carat gold via an electrolysis process ensuring agglomeration of gold on the line.
Boxes and silkscreen
Despite significant production volumes, The Line keeps an artisanal manufacturing approach for its packaging, and uses a silkscreen process to guarantee an original and qualitative result.
Final packing of products is then carried out within ESATs (work-based learning centers dedicated to people with disabilities).

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