Le cadeau idéal

Unique gifts which arouse emotions

Our products represent cities, mountains and even pieces of music.

We opt for simplicity and represent these themes with just a single line.

Our products don’t have the same meaning for everyone. Experiences, background, dreams and passions all play a role.

The Line City: be sure to please

The 50 cm City silhouette will look just as fabulous on a large bare wall as between two busy shelves. Whether you want to spoil a hard-line partisan or a nostalgic expatriate, you really can’t go wrong.

Gift The Line City

The gold finish: something extra special for someone who really matters

Gilded with 24-carat fine gold, these lines have a particularly high-quality finish, and are priced at just €39! They give white surfaces a glow and really sparkle on dark or coloured walls.

Perfect for people who like something a little different.

Gift a gold line

XL lines: a big format for big occasions

The 125 cm extra-large format will really form part of a room décor. 

Bigger and more majestic, it will look stunning in any interior. 

Perfect for anyone who likes to think big.

Gift an XL line

The Line Mini: gift something new

A city depicted as a 19 cm metal line to stick, use as a magnet or set: the Mini silhouette will fit in anywhere, allowing you to subtly and elegantly recall your most beautiful memories. It’s a fun object and we’ve hidden a surprise in it just for you!

Gift The Line Mini

The Line Music: an unprecedented gift which hits just the right note

We use a unique algorithm to turn sounds into lines, allowing you to look at, touch and hang your favourite tunes on the wall. Perfect for re-discovering an epic track.

And an original gift that expresses many emotions.

Gift The Line Music

The Line Summit: gift an adventure, a legend

The outlines of the most beautiful summits in the world bring back memories and raw emotions. Walls will disappear, showcasing rocky peaks, extraordinary sites of endless adventures.

Perfect for nature-lovers.

Gift The Line Summit

The choice of an eco-friendly product

Our products are made in France from recycled and recyclable materials, with zero plastic. We also choose to work with businesses promoting reintegration in the workplace and ESATs (vocational rehabilitation centres) to assemble our products.